Cristian Cestaro


<< I observe reality differently than a common Human Being >>

Name: Cristian.
Surname: Cestaro.
Date of birth: 02-24-1989.
Nationality: Italian.
City: Treviso.
Qualification: Surveyor, high school, graduate with 65/100.
Job: warehouse worker at retirement home.
Hobbies: Astrophotography; write poetry; formulate mental theories concerning the birth of life; observe and study reality.
Motto: “Remeber to Live, Live is Beautiful”.
Life project and Ideal : Infinite is Life.
Interests: Astrophotography; photography; poetry; life and its mystery; human thought; science; the human being; human evolution; the love; love as physical energy; energy; quantum physics (popular theory); theoretical physics; astronomy; read scientific disclosures; to dream; theorise.

Collaborations: AstroBin (Home of Astrophotography)


Remember to Live,
Life is Beautiful.
© • Cristian Cestaro