Cristian Cestaro


123Born February 24, 1989 in a small village (of which he made a tribute to one of his Poems “Civitatem Concilium“), Cristian has always been a Good person and Sentimental, but especially Curious about everything concerning Nature and Life.

At age fourteen he began high school, trying to address “Mechanics” but he did not like much. After the common two-year period of this school, he changed school, and he going to the “Palladio” to work with ruler to finally get the title of Surveyor.

Spent, some years of study, but the more he went on, the more he realized that ruler, yes, he liked, but it was not his passion.

Then to seventeen, he began his first Spiritual Path, also thanks to the first Love, as he wrote in his text “The Symbol“.

His Mind opened and he began to see the Light of his near Future, in short, he found a hobby (his passion), writing Poetry and processes Thoughts and Deductions on Life itself (although he was not neither a Physical nor a Theologian).

It fascinates him so much as to make it then a serious hobby after high school graduation (Surveyor – vote: 65/100).

In 2013 he wrote several Poems and already finished the “Universal Poems” of his Spiritual Path, he began producing small texts Poetic .

In October 2014 He created his personal website and in Spring of 2015 Cristian realize the dream to making Astrophotography, learning this particular technique of photography.

Now his Life is in ascendant, he hopes to be able to prove the impossible.

Infinite is Life  is project that i hope will explain the Existence and, why not, also the one who Created it (My Dear Old Friend).

In conclusion I must succeed in my purpose, Which we will work for the rest of Life.

Remember to Live,
Life is Beautiful.
© • Cristian Cestaro