I’m Cristian…

I observe reality differently than a common human being

  • NAME: Cristian.
  • SURNAME: Cestaro.
  • DATE OF BIRTH: February 24, 1989.
  • PLACE: Treviso (Italy).
  • QUALIFICATION: Surveyor.
  • JOB: Unemployed.
  • HOBBY: Italian space photographer with several years of experience and with his own semi-fixed setup.
  • INTERESTS: Astrophotography; life; science; physics and quantum physics (popular theories); astronomy; read scientific disclosures but also books that talk about the universe and mysteries related to the physics theories such as some scientific thriller books.

I’m here to spread my passion with people, I don’t like being famous, but making the culture of astronomy and astrophotography go viral to everyone.

Starting in 2021 I was elected ambassador for one of the most famous sites in the world for amateur astrophotography: AstroBin.com (home of astrophotography).

AstroBin is a social network, created specifically for us astrophotographers, but not only.

Signing up is totally free, and you don’t have to be an astrophotographer to admire the works of various artists around the world.

Below I leave to you, my registration link with the attached code “INFINITALAVITA2021” to take advantage of the 10% discount on future plans of the platform.

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