The Symbol


Ok clear, Poems, Thoughts or Astrophotos, but what is the meaning of the Symbol “Infinite is Life”?

Actually I wanted to represent the the complex of the All in one Simple symbol; combine everything like, Reality and Spirituality, Science and Religion, Matter and Thought, Energy and Being.

The Symbol want to describe the importance of Life, thanks to a cycle that includes therefore a Balance between the parties, considered by me “Infinite”, as it can be the Force that drives an Electron to make a Perpetual motion around its Nucleus.

Everything is derived from a path that i started at the age of seventeen (the dark years of my Adolescence). It seems strange but with the first Love my Mind began to Change automatically with the surrounding Nature. We all know that the age of Adolescence, they are always the most challenging; between delusions of Love, Friendship, etc., instead when I was down in the dumps, I took refuge with writing little notes in my phone; everything that I could Think, a phrase, a small text etc …

I never considered myself as the other people, but I could overcome the depression with writing; then also thanks to my first Love I began to transform my Mind, seeing clearly what Nature had to offer, I began to understand how important it was Life and Love, i discovering that Nature itself was acting on this state “Sentimental” therefore similarly to us.

Until I began to write Poetic phrases and not, on my Life and on my Friends to the point of realizing then my first Universal Poem (Poem I called “Universal” because it is the “Mental” path of all my Life).

Every person has a path to follow in Life starting from Birth until the Death; the Mind and the Time they go always forward, Grow and Change and I Changed mine at seventeen,it starting with the Darkness that it have encased the most insecure parts of myself including the Fears and the Pain.

My first poem I called “the Infinity” which i recounted it as a Fable, beginning with a fall of Mind and then finding myself to walk in a Dark Path that seemed to have no end (Adolescent years); then over Time I wrote more of one universal poem connected to my Life (each was associated with a personal change ).
I followed a little bit the path that made Dante, I was always outside the scene because it was as if I were still alive, and God wanted me to learn the meaning of his Creation until arriving to Him.

Now, i list the titles of my personal, Universal Poems :

• Infinity: Adolescent years;
• After the Paradise: When I finished that dark Path and began to see a bit Light;
• The Real Life: Back to the world where I lived, I realized the meaning of True Life and then the Reality around me;
• Toward to Infinite Future: Described as the change in adulthood;
• Beyond Infinity: This is particular; I thought that with the poem “Toward the Infinite Future” was over my path, but my Mind, it went on, and wanted to teach me what was there “Beyond the Infinite”.
• INFINITE IS LIFE: My last job. i Saw “Over Infinity” but not was finished there, my Mortal Soul wanted me to see more, as if God had called me to tell me the truth about everything that existed, and I had the privilege of seeing his face (Dreamed a night) and He taught me, how he had create, the Created and the importance of Life and Love as Energy.

After these paths, I began to understand, until I have created in my Mind a Thought, an Ideal of Life. I wanted to put everything into a Symbol which included Life itself, as the various Theories of everything except that, I wanted that it were a Symbol to explain the path that I did (metaphorically through my Universal Poems) to flow then in teaching to Humans what I saw and to show the importance of both the Living that of the Love.

This in essence is my “work”, that is to give Hope to the Humans, to help people understand that Life is beautiful and must be lived thus Creating always hope, and that the Fears and Pain are nothing in comparison to what It can give Love.

So why my symbol, it has been designed in this way?
Now I’ll explain step by step and I hope that you will like.

I was looking for an emblem to represent what I talked about above, but I failed to understand the whole, in a single symbol, until one day while I was cutting the grass of home, accidentally it formed a wake, with the wheels of the machine , on the garden.
These wakes, traced with lines and curves resembled to the Picture 1.

(Picture 1)

From here, my Mind began to understand how to make the first steps.
Subsequently focusing elsewhere, I remembered dell’Ankh Egyptian, depicting the classic cross but, at the top, a “semi-Infinite”, so I decided to seek its meaning … Outstanding, one meaning of which i could deduce it was precisely the Life, ergo i taken immediately cue (Picture 2).

(Picture 2)

Later, I began to stretch the “Womb” (“semi-infinite”) until they reached the end of the old Ankh in a new symbol which represented the continuing the Life at the Infinite.

Then in the extremities of the cross, I reached two vectors in shaped a twister with its verse and around the charge signs that revolve from “+” to “-“.

Finally I drawn an ellipse around the “new Ankh” marked with a Zero.

Now I show you the steps, and for each step its specific meaning.

Divide the Symbol into six Elements:

1. Original Ankh;
2. The stretching the “Womb” (“semi-Infinite”);
3. Olive Tree;
4. The ellipse marked with a Zero;
5. Vectors with Verse (Twister);
6. The opposite Charges.

1. Original Ankh

As I’ve described before, here is the Ankh in the final Symbol (Picture on the right).

2. The stretching the “Womb” ( “semi-Infiite”)

Here is the stretch that I have already described the meaning (Picture on the left).

3. Olive Tree


I chose the Olive Tree as a further Symbol of Life, essentially means every Being including Us (from the roots, the Tree) (Picture on the right) .

4. The Eclipse marked with a Zero

It represents the Divine, one who collects the Created and Creates. Zero refers to all the ellipse and is God(the sum between Good and Evil, the Universal Balance) (Picture on the left).

5. Vectors with Verse (Twister)

They represent the Good (Positive Charge “+”) and Evil (Negative Charge “-“), which depart from the ends dell’Ankh. They means, our inclined, both do the Good both do the Evil, the Infinite Forces (Picture on the right).

6. The opposite Charges


As already mentioned, they represent the  Good and the Evil, and the moving going from the Bad to Good, or vice versa as an Endless cycle; therefore it means that every Man can be induced to change, traveling in one direction or in another (Picture on the left) .

In the end this is the meaning of my Symbol and Suggests (hopefully) that Life is Beautiful, Elegant and always produces stable Balance between the Infinite Forces of God.

Hooray for Life, for me always beautiful and never finished.

Remember to Live,
Life is Beautiful.
© • Cristian Cestaro