6• That Easter Day

Friday March 30, 2012

In that Blessed Day,
sincere i saw an object full of curves all around.
This object was particular,
a Symbol of a Singular Event.
It is said that He was on thirty-three years,
when the Roman tyranny made him push through Hell procuring for him a lot of damage.

Until he died in the Christian Symbol and no one then you saw Him,
but with great Divine Power after Three Days, he Rise again from death.
That’s the Miracle of this special Day of Celebration,
celebrated on that Day of Miraculous feats.
And i being, Christian with Love and assiduous Suavity,
we celebrate with Happiness us everyone this Glorious Easter Day.

• Happy Easter Day •

Remember to Live,
Life is Beautiful.
© infinitalavita.com • Cristian Cestaro


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