What is the purpose of this site?


It was mainly built for sharing my little poetic texts, of which they are still present in the “Poems” section (only in italian language). Later, another hobby of mine was added, discovered in 2015 but with much more distant roots, namely Astrophography which from 2015 itself to today, covers the whole structure of this page of my Life.

In reality this website was also born to promote my project and goal of Life called “Infinite is Life”, therefore to demonstrate what already mentioned in the title of the project itself, but also to search for the answer to the big questions “Who are we?” and “Who or what created us ?, making a “mix”between Human Evolution, General Physics, Quantum Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Psychology.

However, I do not hide that my web page still has this purpose, which I will dedicate all my life, however I also have another hobby, as previously mentioned: The Astrophotography.

This passion is dominating over everything, in fact it is currently the largest source of traffic for the whole site.

The funny thing is that this passion coincides perfectly with my initial project, indeed it could be an important fulcrum in its realization and therefore it increases even more in me the desire to continue to seek the truth about the mystery that links Life in our Universe.

So what is the purpose of this page?

None, or everything! … All that is the study of our vital structure in this Universe.

While who am I?

I am Mr. Nobody (cited in my Poetry, only in Italian language)…. I am only a discreet observer, who studies the Reality and the Human mind and determines possible changes … Who determines the future changes, and in the free time I’m also a good amateur Astrophotographer, with several years of experience.

Infinite is Life, it is a second Mind of mine, which sustains Life and all its thoughts, and highlights Love as a possible physical Energy.

« L’Amor che move il Sole e l’altre Stelle »
(Love that moves the Sun and the other Stars)
(poet, Dante Alighieri, Paradise, XXXIII).

Thanks for reading.



Remember to Live, Life is Beautiful.