I decided to gather here all my Poems that I wrote and I will write, my Thoughts of my Life, and also all the pictures of the Sky (section Astrophotography ).

With this site I would also try to build a steady stream of Theoretical and Philosophical Thoughts about a way I see Science and Religion, emphasizing the Love as Physical Energy that embraces and sustains the Universe.

Infinite is Life, at the end, is not a web page like in any business site, not, but it is a system of Life, I’ll explain better, that site is a little Mind where there is a constant stream of Thoughts of every person, even if someone visits it without do nothing. Whenever you read my Poems or just my Thought, if there is a connection, you will realize soon. I exploit this Internet space as a connector between my Mind and yours, like an Ether in constantly Change with Thought of Universe .

I love Life and every Mystery tied to it, and this space, in fact, is nothing more than my second Mind that sways in connection with your Minds.

My purpose is to try to make people understand that we can give more, and enhance the Human being and the Love that each brings with it the beginning of Time.

I’ve always been fascinated by all this, and now that I have the ability to share, through this site my Thoughts, Poems and Photos of Stars with the World, well it is something Wonderful.
I hope one day to be able to fulfill my dream and perhaps the dream of every person who has this beautiful Planet.

For now they are just Thoughts, maybe in the Future will help to Open Minds.
I dedicate my Life to this.

Thanks to those who opened my Mind and Heart.

Remember to Live,
Life is Beautiful.
© infinitalavita.com • Cristian Cestaro