11• That Christmas Day

Friday December 14, 2012

In all the Time in the World,
cyclically always we pass,
to the Birth of a Pure Heart and Deep.

In that Blessed Day I knelt before the Symbol of the Crib,
and in my Mind it Turned up what happened,
building slowly every particular,
from the Comet Star, to the Fir .

The Divine brought in Pregnant, the Blessed and Gentle Lady ,
and Gabriel the Archangel announced the conception in that Humble abode.

Almost I heard him utter the word:

“And now here, in this manger,
between the Donkey and the Ox,
that, i ad in a frenzy,
the Birth of the Divine Son …
… Our Messiah.

He will bring us the Divine and Infinite, Light with ardor,
to reveal what we have in Deep …

… The Eternal Love. “

Then the Suave voice vanished …

Finally is this dear Ladies and Gentlemen who i wanted to describe,
this is the Day that we celebrate the Event of so Human, Relief .

So now you listen to what I have to tell you,
you renounce all forms of pain that could bury you.

Remember instead because this Day is Special,
and you will see that to you the Divine Light of Love will appear and you will not be trivial.

Instead of thinking about the anger of the past days,
think about what your Heart demands, what it so Loved to you.

Finally you bring under the Fir Tree, from your Human Families to yours Pet ,
and ye celebrate, Glorious and Serene, the Suave advent of the Christmas Light.

 • Life is Beautiful •

• Merry Christmas •

Infinite is Life / Infinita è la Vita
© infinitalavita.com • Cristian Cestaro


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