26• The Dark Night

Friday October 31, 2014

In that Way,
the Legends, narrates,
of a dark Fate.

to come down of the sun,
i stroll, in that Path,
losing count of time.

Suddenly, nothing it seen,
no Peace, nor War,

only leaves that fall to the ground,
and it seems that someone,
of their Soul, he grabs.

Then far, they feel deep steps,
which seems to come from those Worlds Unclean.

Around that Path nothing,
apart from those Small Candles blazing,
in that Turnip placed in each branch repeated.

As long as appears to me a Faint Light, albeit Powerful,
which in that Turnip, it Lights so ardent,

a Lost Soul,
with that face distraught,
he invited me to sit,
telling his sad story lived.

In this Day of every year,
I revive in Life but you do not think,
in evil, that others dyes me:
“To Create fear and harm.”
I was a sinner,
of wine I pushed myself,
and at the order of my “Pastor” Heart.
my Mind ,
it lied with denial.
One Day the Devil appeared,
there in a bar, and He watching me with his ,
Evil grin.
He walked so slowly towards me,
that in me, became more and more vivid thought,
of losing my Life with great awareness.
But in some way misleading,
I managed to fool the Evil one,
tingeing, with a cross and a large Knot,
I tied to a Boulder.

But in his cunning, he took out my good Thought,
promising me that I will live again,
and that, i will not burn Forever in the blazing his own Trail.

So I lived even more,
sinning and still chafing, my Soul down.

Until I died,

and already chased out from Paradise,
the Hell, keeping the promise made earlier,
He also repudiated me, of his ardent face,
Ending with the walking in that Eternal cold and dark alley.

So in Eternal,
every year, since then, which is repeated,

So I became a traveling body,
and with the firebrand of evil, Faint but Powerful,
I walked in that way by finding Hope in the Souls who were walking,
Hope that in that Turnip, it Lights ardent.

standing from the ground,

with carefully,

now over, the story in a Suave elegance, but in hurry,
seeking grace, in every Son of God,
He continued his wandering …


in that dark night.

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